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Hello Early-Birds,
We look forward to bringing you an excellent variety of online radio shows dedicated to every aspect of art.

Some of the categories covered will be:

  • Art History
  • Creative Process
  • Gallery Perspective
  • Art Materials
  • Art Methods
  • Art in Perspective
  • Artist Autobiographies.
  • "How-To" Series
  • At the Opening
  • On the Street

To keep our content fresh and ever-changing we shall air each show for a minimum of one week live after which they will be available in our archive as an Air-Check CD. These CDs will be $9.95 plus shipping and handling unless you happen to be of the blind type persuasion. All available Air-Check CDs are free to the blind (All we ask is nominal shipping and handling).

But more about this stuff later when we actually have our archive up and populated. At the moment we are concentrating on preparing for our Grand Opening September 8th.

See you back here then.

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